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08.08.08 -special date-

I don’t know why but I just could not write a new post often. Maybe there is no special event to talk about. But actually writing anything can sharpen our composition skill. And this time I felt that I should try to write something different. It has been a long time since I wrote something in English. So thousand apologies if there are a lot of mistakes. Well…what should we talk about?
     Yeah…did you guys realize the special date-08.08.08? It was so special especially for Chinese people. I was also eager to wait that date since the Olympic games would start that day. But…I totally forgot about it when the actual day came. All I could remember that day student’s birthday and I should give him a present. And it turned out that he was absent that day! And on the same day, my father asked me to follow him to a ceremony held by the malay literature students in UPSI. So I followed him that night. The students presented poem, dance, songs, etc. Not that enjoyable but it was okay. University days are supposed to be full of activities. And that was what they were doing. Some female students called me kakak and somehow I felt uncomfortable. Hehehe. Well…some of them look older than me! (Ok. I know that I should face the fact that I am no longer the same age like them-in other words…I’m older! Ha…snap!)

    Returning home late after that ceremony, I switched on the tv. Just wanted to watch something before going to bed. And that time, only I realized that….OMG! It’s Olympic Games today! I turned on TV1. Of course I was late. That time only several contingents left. I could not watch Malaysia’s contingent but ok, it was better than watching all the 200 something contingents one by one! So waiting for the remaining contingents to come out, I jumped from a channel to another. Hehehe. Tv3 was showing the film –fast and furious- and 8tv was showing Teen Choice Awards. 

    The last contingent to come out was China. They sent a lot of athletes this year, about 600 something, well…even they are the biggest contingent. Hoooo…what a noise! The stadium was full of cheers when China’s athletes came out. Even though I am not Chinese, I myself felt thrilled with that kind of support. With all the problems they are facing, China still managed to bring out the fullest for Olympics. As an Asian, of course I am proud!

     What an opening ceremony! I was totally impressed with the lighting Oylimpic’s torch event. Previous athletes of China ran around the stadium towards the stage by passing the torch to one another. Finally the torch was given to Li Ning, a legendary gymnast of China, who was standing on the stage. Suddenly he flew up! Hooo…just like a superman! I couldn’t guess at all about the gimmick. It was unpredictable. He was carried up reaaaaaaally high! Thanks God he was a professional gymnast. Height is not a fear for him. If I were to be carried like that, I would have fainted even before reaching half of the height. He was brought up until the open roof. A light was focused on him. A shadow of him appeared on the highest wall. Then, he bent himself a little and he moved his legs as if he was running. It was superb! From the shadow, we could see that someone was running with a torch in his hand. And the images of the torch’s journey throughout countries in the world were shown behind him. What a unique and symbolic performance! My mouth remained a big ‘o’ when I saw that. The bird nest stadium is enormous and he made a ‘long run’ without the slightest fear. 

   He reached the end and stood confidently in the air. A big replica of the torch can be seen at the ‘finishing line’. There was something like a long stick and Li Ning lit it up with the fire from the torch he was holding. The fire spread up and suddenly there was blazing fire in the torch replica. Wow! Wow! Wow!

   This 29th Olympic Games costs about AS$40 billion dollars. The opening ceremony was so so superb and I think that it could be a proof to the world that Asia should be looked high from now onwards. No more ‘worshipping’ only the Westerns. So for the Malaysian athletes, try your best! Malaysia boleh! We didn’t get any medal during Athens Olympics in 2004. However this time we have some targets and high hopes. 

1) Gold for Lee Chong Wei (Badminton)
2) Gold for Koo Kien Kiat & Tan Boon Heong (Badminton)
3) Silver for Azizul Hasni (Cycling)
4) Bronze for Chu Sian, Marbawi and Khalmizam (recurve team)

    Good luck guys! Yakin Boleh! Do the best to the best among the best!
Bye for now. Oh more..congratulations for all the newly married couples of 08.08.08. Berlambak gile wei kawin hari tu! Kawin jemaah la katakan. Hehehe. And congrats for the newborns too.
See u in the next post!

                Opening Ceremony Beijing 2008
                   (Lighting Olympic Torch)

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