Monday, March 28, 2011

Please Help Me, Friends

Hi. Before you watch Heroes, can you please help me? (pleading eyes) I'm entering a travel blog contest and I really need your votes. Please~

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I really need your support. Thank you so much, guys! I appreciate it with all of my heart. Thanks again.

Enjoy watching Heroes! ^__^

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Heroes Episode 5

Heroes Episode 6 (Part 1)

Heroes Episode 7 (Part 1)

Heroes Episode 8 (Part 1)

Heroes Episode 9

Heroes Episode 10 (Part 1)

Heroes Episode 11 (Part 1)
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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Gone with the Wind of Chicago City


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Spring is here! Don’t you just feel like hopping and singing with the birds and the beautiful flowers?.................................

Okay Firuz, stop your theatrical imagination already. ;p Our university’s spring break was in early March but my friend had planned this trip since January! She told me about the plan so early so that I would not give her any excuse anymore. Hihi. And actually I was glad that she ‘booked’ me since I had a wonderful spring break with my friends.

We had all planned beforehand including the transportation, accommodation, entrance tickets, and tour bus. Of course, as students, we practiced budget trip and my friend managed to grab awesome deals. When the day came, we took Megabus from Saint Louis to Chicago.

Oh no, staying true to its name: Windy City, Chicago was really windy and cold! There was no snow but we had to wrap ourselves with thick jackets, gloves and even snow caps. Our cheap budget hotel was situated at downtown Chicago but the room was so huge and comfortable. We, three girls had sound sleep every night.

We bought tickets for the best double decker tour bus in Chicago. To capture the best views, we chose to sit on the second floor but yeah…it was totally freezing! Who cares right? As long as you could get the best pictures and videos ;p

Chicago is definitely an iconic city. The buildings and monuments are sophisticated and amazing. It was like visiting a huge architectural museum.

Apparently, Chicago held Saint Patrick’s Day Parade on that Saturday. I didn’t know much about it but after a little research, it seems that it is a special day for Irish people in commemoration of Saint Patrick. But generally, the day is known for being drunk and wearing green ;p

Can you believe that they actually dyed the river green with food coloring just to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day? It was so cool to see a green river!

We watched the parade and learned many new things about Irish people. I just kept wondering how the girls and guys could stand the coldness just by wearing skirts?

On the next day, my friends planned to visit the pier but I really wanted to go to the sky deck of Willis Tower. Therefore, we went our separate ways and I walked all the way to Willis Tower alone by reading the instructions from the Google Map. I found it! (Proud of myself hihi)

Every tower has its own typical viewing deck but Willis Tour is different. There was a glass level on the 103rd floor and believe me, it was sooo scary! When you step on the glass, you would feel as if you were flying. I was so scared but I tried to act cool and finally I got a very nice shot on the glass floor! Yippee!

Who doesn’t love chocolate? I and my friends met each other again at Hershey’s Chicago Store. The various delicious chocolates displayed in the store really tempted me. Just the sight of the chocolates made me craving for more. I was so happy to get the chance drinking Hershey’s hot chocolate in the cold windy day of Chicago. The chocolate was so creamy and…no words could describe it. I felt ‘deliciously’ warm after having that hot chocolate.

On the final day in Chicago, we planned to have educational experience by visiting the museums. Lucky us, the Field Museum was having its free entrance day, so we saved almost 25 bucks! The museum was like any other museums, (different from the cool City Museum that I visited before) with exhibitions of animals and monuments. I had the chance to see Sue, the most completed and well preserved t-rex fossil in the world.

The final destination was the Art Institute of Chicago. For those who love art, this place would be a perfect place to indulge your passion. I enjoyed the miniature exhibition the most. The small rooms were made with neat and detailed hand work process. I felt as if I was watching marvelous doll houses and how I wish I could shrunk for a while so that I could visit all the rooms myself.

Now enough with the reading, here I present you the audio and visual experience of my trip. Enjoy!

Excitement: 7/10 (I think if it was in summer, I would have given a 10 ;p)

Access to praying location: 5/10 (For zuhur and asar prayers, we prayed at corners in other buildings. No specific mosques nearby the attractions but you can still find mosques at other places)

Access to halal food: 8/10 (We were lucky enough because there was a halal restaurant just around the corner of our hotel. By the way, Chicago has way more halal restaurants compared to my place in Saint Louis)

Budget: About 250 USD including 3 nights stay in the hotel, transportation, tickets for transportation, building entrance, and food. Good deal right?

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The Coolest Museum On Earth!.......... Seriously?o_0


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Museum seems like a compulsory destination to be included in a travel plan especially if you want to experience an educational trip. However, let us just be honest here, okay? Who thinks museum is a boring place, please rise up your hand. Wow, almost no fingers remain on the keyboards as most of you put your hands up! ;p

Guess what? I have visited the coolest museum ever! When I say cool, I really mean it. This museum is not a typical museum with merely exhibitions. On contrast, it offers a unique way to learn new things. Sounds absurd? Well okay, hang on for a while because I will prove it to you now!

Situated faraway from the beloved Malaysia yet close to my current residence, this museum is located at downtown Saint Louis, Missouri state, United States of America. As a student, I used my budget trip strategy by going there with my friends with a small rented car. It was a Saturday, therefore parents brought their children along there. Nevertheless, I had never imagined that a museum could be crowded like that! People queued up to buy the entrance tickets as if it was for a movie premiere show.

From the entrance section, the interior design looked amazing. I could see ribbons hanging on the ceiling, slides and cages everywhere, and others. The first sight of the museum made me more eager to enter it.

Once we got the tickets, we went upstairs and beautiful wall ornaments greeted us. Museum is usually a quiet place but we were fed with cheerful music from a piano in the middle of the floor. Anyone could play their own piece on the piano freely. How cool was that! Visiting a museum had never been so relaxing without the urge of being silent.

A museum is not a museum without exhibitions. There were exhibitions of preserved animals, insects, bottles, marbles, architectural designs, weird stuffs, and others. At one corner, a few teenagers were doing acrobatic moves as if they were performing a circus show. Imagine watching acrobatic performance in a museum! Interesting, isn’t it?

Well, everyone knows what a typical museum would have. So let’s just move on to the interesting part. The main point that I want to highlight here is the difference that the museum offers us. A museum is such a quiet, ‘sophisticated’ place that you need to restrain yourself. On the contrary, you can just loosen yourself and enjoy to your heart’s content here. City Museum has many physical exhibitions that involves your participation.

There was an Egyptian section where you could find piles of sponges. Okay…why sponges? So that children could build a huge pyramid from the sponges! Such a creative way of learning, isn’t it?

The museum was literally a different world. You would see visitors regardless of ages and sexes having fun by sliding, crawling, jumping, and climbing around. Even babies enjoyed the slides with their parents! And when I was sitting on a high plank, I suddenly got a knock from beneath. An adult was crawling through a long small path beneath me! Of course I tried the slides with my friend and we had a clumsy fall. LOL! Nevertheless, it was so much fun!

How about a cave exploration? Checked! I couldn’t imagine that such a huge man made cave would be inside a building. It was dark accompanied with some scary music. Everyone explored the cave freely and it was 10 stories high. Of course climbing up the stairs was not easy but the fun part was the way down. We could slide 10 stories down! Awesome! :D

The ultimate surprise was the outdoor set. Wow, you should see with your own eyes! Totally amazing!!! It was so huge, high, and wide. For me it was like the fantasy wild land for everyone. You could crawl and climb everywhere, or even visit a bus and airplane on the trees!

My friends in front of the outdoor set

For more evidence of the museum coolness, here I want to share the audio and visual experience of my trip with you! Enjoy watching~

Now, will you agree with me? Isn’t this such a cool museum? I will never have a bad perspective of museums anymore since I found a cool one already!

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Friday, March 25, 2011

Heroes Variety Show Episode 10 (Eng Subs)

Hi friends. I nearly had a heart attack this morning when I looked at the window. I saw snow everywhere! Snow in spring?! 0___O We just had a wonderful warm day yesterday....~Snow, snow, go away, come again another year~

Ok, let's move on to our next episode of Heroes. Thanks a million to SHSubs for their hard work. Enjoy! ^__^


Heroes Episode 10 (Eng Subs)

Part 1 * Part 2 * Part 3 * Part 4 * Part 5 * Part 6 * Part 7
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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Ich liebe dich? (German)

Credits: LoveQuotesRus

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Monday, March 21, 2011

Chicago Trip Video

Assalamualaikum and hello, friends! Like I promised before, here I present you a video of my journey in Chicago, the Windy City. Actually I have many inputs from this trip that I need to divide them into three videos! For now, I am just releasing one video. So do anticipate for the next two videos :D

Actually I am planning to join a travel blog contest sponsored by Malaysian Airlines. The judging is based on the amount of 'likes' on Facebook. I hope to get your support for this. Once I submit my entry, can you please like the entry for me, please....(pleading eyes) hehehe.

I will post the link for my entry once I finish it. I really appreciate your support. Thank you :D

This is my first video for my Chicago trip:

p/s: Saya dah siap letak sarikata Bahasa Melayu untuk video ni. Tapi Youtube buat hal pulak T__T. Dah beberapa kali saya publish tapi sarikata tu tak keluar-keluar juga. Harapnya masalah ni akan cepat selesai.

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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Heroes Variety Show Episode 9 (Eng Subs)


Hi everyone. I am so glad to announce that SHSubs has granted me the permission to share their links. Alhamdulillah :) Let us spread Heroes' love everyone. And please do support SHSubs. Register your name at their forum and leave a thank you message for their hard work.

This time, I will share the link for episode 9. It seems that the links are categorized under private section. Therefore I feel a bit uncomfortable to share the links openly. I will post the page here and you will see the links there.

Don't hesitate to register, guys. It is easy, fast, and free! Once you click on the link, you will be directed to the page. If you have registered and logged in, you will see it. If not, just register :) On the top left side of the page, you will see this: Welcome Guest (log in/register). Click on 'register' and you may fill up the form. Then, tadaaaaaaaaa you can watch it. You may explore the forum yourself. If not, you can come to this post again, and click again on the link. Supposedly you have already registered that time, you will be directed automatically to the page with the links.

Good luck on your attempt to register!


Heroes Episode 9 English Subtitle.
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Friday, March 18, 2011

Word Roots Strategy

Source: Kaplan GRE Pocket Reference

I'm not good in memorizing vocabularies. Sometimes I just go by guessing the words from its sound ;p. I learned an interesting way to 'guess' the meaning of some words by memorizing only the word roots. For example:

Dol means pain, suffer.

So any word which has the word root 'dol' will somehow gives the meaning of suffer or pain.

For example: Doleful means sorrowful
Doldrums means dull, depressed mood (somehow gives the meaning of suffering)

Good luck, friends! :)
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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Back from Chicago~

Assalamualaikum and hi everyone!

Spring Break is here! I just came back from a three day vacation at the Windy City, Chicago. Staying true to its name, Chicago was really windy! Despite the supposedly warm pre spring days, Chicago was so cold. No snow but we had to wrap ourselves with thick coats, gloves, and even snow caps. I had a bit coughing problem but I had a great time. New adventures and experiences. Not to forget the amount of pictures and videos! I'm so excited to share my story with you. However for now, let me edit the videos first and arrange them all together to be a watchable video for you guys.

Just a sneak peek:

Cool, huh? hehe~

See you soon insya Allah :)
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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Martabat Nafsu (Bahagian 4)

*Sambungan dari Martabat Nafsu Bahagian Tiga

Credits: Taman-taman Syurga
Tulisan oleh: Nur Anwar


Inilah peringkat/ martabat nafsu yang pertama yang benar-benar direhai Allah seperti yang saudara kita nyatakan di atas. Yang layak masuk syurga Allah. Maknanya siapa sampai pada maqam ini bererti syurga tetap terjamin, InsyaAllah. Hakikat inilah yang difirmankan Allah:

"Wahai orang yang berjiwa / bernafsu mutmainnah,pulanglah kepangkuan Tuhanmu dalam keadaan redhai meredhai olehNya dan masuklah ke dalam golongan hambaku dan masuklah ke dalam syurgaKU".

Pada peringkat ini jiwa mutmainnah merasakan ketenagan hidup yang hakiki yang bukan dibuat-buat. Tidak ada lagi perasaan gelisah. Semuanya lahir dari tauhidnya yang tinggi dan mendalam. Tauhid yang sejati dan hakiki. Tidak ada lagi perbezaan senang dengan susah baginya sama sahaja. Pada maqam inilah permulaan mendapat darjat wali kecil.

Antara sifat-sifat maqam ini adalah:

1. Taqwa yang benar.

2.. Arif

3. Syukur yang benar

4. Tawakkal yang hakiki

5. Kuat beribadat

6. Redha dengan ketentuan Allah

7. Murah hati dan seronok bersedekah.

8. Dan lain-lain sifat mulia yang tidak dibuat-buat.

Pada maqam ini biasanya(walaupun tidak semestinya), akan adanya keramat-keramat yang luar biasa serta mendapat ilmu dengan tak payah belajar sebab sudah dapat mengesan rahsia-rahsia dari LohMahfuz. Adanya sifat lidah masin. Apa yang keluar dari mulut bukan sembarangan lagi bahkan menerusi yang dipanggil sebagai 'inkisaf'. Mereka sudah menguasai ilmu peringkat nur, tajalli, sir dan juga sirussir, iaitu lebih tinggi dari maqam mulhamah.

Yang dikatakan menerusi sirussir ialah cara penerimaan dengan telinga dan mata batin. Kalau mulhammah tadi baru terbuka dengan telinga batin tanpa mata batin. Dengan mata batin inilah dia berupaya melihat sesuatu yang ghaib yang tak mampu dilihat oleh mata biasa kita. Malah dapat melihat sesuatu yang akan berlaku pada masa akan datang. Betul-betul macam melihat TV. Malah siap boleh rewind lagi. Kalau guru kita nak lihat sejarah hidup kita yang lalu biasanya dia akan memerhati rakaman hidup kita dan mengesan dimana kesilapan kita dan memberi petua untuk membetulkannya. Kalau mencuri disuruhnya kita memulangkan kembali serta minta halal dan maaf, dan sebagainya lagi. Namun begitu dia tetap akan menjaga aib muridnya kepada orang lain.

Perlu dingat pada peringkat ini dia tidak terganggu penglihatan dan pendengaran zahirnya pada masa sama melihat dan mendengar yang batin walaupun duduk di kedai kopi bersama-sama orang lain. Melalui penerimaan sirussir ini dia berupaya melihat alam barzakh, menjelajahi alam alam malakut. Keyakinan mereka sudah pada tahap ainul yakin dan haqqul yakin.

Fana juga boleh berlaku yang dikenali sebagai "fana qalbi" iaitu merupakan penafian diri ataupun menafikan maujud dirinya dan diisbatkan kepada wujudnya Allah semata-mata. Inilah peringkat yang kita bincangkan dulu mengenai LAA MAUJUD ILLALLAH. Keadaan inilah yang digambarkan Allah:

"Semua yang ada adalah fana (tiada wujud hakikinya).Dan yang kekal(baqa) itu adalah wajah Tuhanmu yang mempunyai kebesaran dan kemuliaan"

Namun fana qalbi ini tidaklah kekal.

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Friday, March 11, 2011

Heroes Variety Show Episode 8 (Eng Subs)

Hi everyone! What's up? I suddenly feel that I want to update my blog regularly and be active. Even though it is hard work, I will try my best to do it.

So, do you have any other shows that you like to watch and want me to send the links here?
Leave your suggestions at the comment section. Currently, I am just posting links for Heroes variety show. And...I think I will send the links for Running Man variety show too. Have you watched it? I LOVE IT! I highly recommend you to watch Running Man. Soon, I will start posting them :)

Ok now let's move on to the next episode of Heroes.,,

There are 2 sets of links for this time. One is the streaming link for the whole episode without being divided into several parts. The quality is a bit low.

Heroes Episode 8 Eng Sub (whole episode)

And these are the links for the divided parts. The quality is awesome! :)

Part 1 * Part 2 * Part 3 * Part 4 * Part 5 * Part 6 * Part 7 * Part 8

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