Monday, December 22, 2008

Ahlan wa Sahlan 1430H/2009M

Hello friends!
1429H/ 2008M is going to finish. Now we need to face 1430H/2009M.

There may be risks involved

We may need to face roadblocks

So stay alert

Share time with friends

Jump over obstacles

With care
And caution

Face challenges

Remember to laugh


Always eager to know something new


Make new friends

Stick together and get ready for adventure

And you will be able to go far

Very far....

Well...not quite that far

Always take time to smell the flowers

Don't forget to relax and enjoy

And don't forget those who likes you very much

Just a few more days to go
May 1430H/2009M be a splendid year for us
Kullu 'am wa antum bilkheir
Insya Allah tahun ini akan lebih baik berbanding tahun-tahun lepas dan semoga kita sentiasa diredhai Allah. Moga azam tahun ini akan tertunai dengan penuh keimanan dan ketakwaan.

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