Friday, February 12, 2010

Wish Upon the Star Drama a.k.a Stars Falling From the Sky

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No doubt I am a true K drama lover. Even though I am a student, I have an impressive record of K dramas that I have watched. Hehe~ Just imagine how 'good' I am in dividing my time between study and watching dramas. Of course I spend my time more for the latter..(Firuz, repent NOW! hehe)

However, I don't simply watch ALL K dramas. I also choose to watch them. Because I have watched a lot, I'm kinda good in guessing the story line. That's why if the drama does not catch my attention, I'll just jump from episodes to another. Merely browsing through the drama. Well, the last drama that really grabbed my attention was You're Beautiful. After that, I have some dramas (Don't Hesitate and Smile, you)that I follow up but not that eager like before.

Recently I accidentally 'bumped' into a drama and I eventually fell in love with it. At first I was hesitating to watch it since I didn't know the main actor and actress. Nevertheless, I was hooked deeply with the storyline especially when the main actress' condition is a bit similar to me in terms of being the eldest of six siblings.

The drama is called 'Stars falling from the sky'a.k.a 'Wish Upon the Star'. It's a drama about a girl who needs to take care of her 5 siblings after the sudden death of her parents. Before, she was a spoiled brat and she didn't care anything about her siblings. However, after her parents' death and especially when their house was pulled down, she became a 'new' person. No more 'crazy' girl who was drooling for the handsome lawyer in her company but merely a 'mother'.

Surprisingly I cried a lot watching this drama. This is not a melodrama but it brings tears to me. A new perspective of tears since it's not the stereotype tears from the pain of separating from your beloved. The tears are from the love between siblings. I really like it especially when I am also missing my own 5 siblings.

The hero of the story is seriously a 'jerk'. At first, I kinda hated him because of his stone attitude but then everything goes ok. hehe~

I know it's kinda late to promote this drama since it has shown 12 episode out of the full 20 episodes. But better late than never. And better than anticipating for the next episodes to come. Hehe~ I recommend you to catch up the drama at The channel team is SUPER fast. Kudos to them. And if you want to read awesome synopsis for each episode, read it at

And now for a sneak peek:

Ok till we meet again next time! Anyong!
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