Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Journey to Seoul, South Korea (6)

Assalamualaikum friends!

We'll continue our journey today. Remember we just visited the past division of Teddy Bear Museum at the previous post? So today we'll continue to the present division-modern society of Koreans.Like before, this post is also full of pictures! Enjoy the pictures of cute teddy bears.

Welcome to the funfair + zoo!

Balloons! Balloons!

Near Lotte Plaza. A high standard place.

Concert! DBSK concert..(especially 4 nani)

Road shows

Bile tengok ni, teringat kat ayah n ummi lak. D book cafe, ayh n ummi minum2 kopi, ayh cari buku..hehe

Suicide? Huhu~

Ice skating

Ice skating again

World Cup..

Teddy Bears shopping Luis Vuitton! Huhu~ Rich bears

Bear bodyguards guarding Mr. President


The bear was really twirling around with just one finger!

Who's the cutest? Hehe..

With the Royal Prince n Princess

Queen Firuz in the middle

Have you guys ever watched Princess Hours a.k.a. Goong? It was really popular. Korean drama about royal family. A very nice one.

It is originally a manga. The manga is still ongoing.

Ok in the drama they use teddy bears as symbols of the characters in the drama.

Guess what? I got to see the teddy bears used in the drama live at this museum lor! Heheh..Very very cute tau. This one is the ballerina.

The royal couple

Four main characters of the drama

Shin n Chae Kyoung in school uniforms

Royal wedding clothes

Picture shots from the drama

Shin's best friend: Alfred

Anyone? Please translate

Wall of Bears

Have you watched Winter Sonata? Very popular-sad love-full of tears-drama. The main actor Bae Yong Joon is so popular there that they even created bears by the name Joon! Huhu~

As I told before, some of the teddy bears in the museum are actually moving. U can see some of them in the video below. This video is from the drama 'Boys Over Flower'. You guys can see from this seconds: 0.07 until 1.20. At the end of the show room, there is a shop full of teddy bears. Many choices u can see there

Ok. We are finished with the Teddy Bear Museum for today. We'll continue our journey in the next post. Anyong!

~Memory in front of the Teddy Bear Museum~

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firuz akhtar said...

aku mmg tak tau mcm mana nak bagi video tu muat2 kt line..sesapa bole ajar? asyik terlebih sudah je video yg aku bubuh.

nani, pasal link tu kecil tapak tangan, stadium kutadahkan.hehe. tapi tak reti la nak buat link tu..nani buatkan ye? tak yah tunggu habih sume pun takpe..buat je link..kalau nak tunggu abih, bile la tu..huhu~

is-nanie said...

hahaha.. "DBSK concert".. ;))
tuh 3 teddy bears je.. dbsk ade 5 members..
kalo 3 org.. tuh boleh dinamakan super junior K.R.Y (kyuhyun, ryeowook, yesung).. hehehe..

oh.. kalo nak edit video, klik edit html.. kat coding tuh ade "width", "height"... ubah value kpd no yg lagik kecik.. try "300" utk width ke.. kalo xdpt, ym nani.

Yang link tuh... nani nak letak kat blog nani.. heh.. cam byk lg je.. Baper part lg tinggal? atau tak bajet2.. main post je?

xpela.. buat selo2 ye.. ^_<

Firuz Akhtar said...

thanks 4 d info

haha..tak bajet pun ikut mood..hihi..

DBSK la nani...lagi 2 sakit prut, tk le perform. hehe

elok langita said...

cutee... :D

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