Monday, January 04, 2010

I Am Back!

Salam. It has been more than a month since I posted my previous entry. Since then a couple of my friends kept asking for my updates. Thanks guys. I really appreciate your support. Because of the finals fever, I did not have any mood to write anything for my blog. It was so hard for me since it was the final for my first semester. I had hard times and I was down most of the time because of the stress. I even cried until I got a fever! Even though it's now winter break, I still have 2 papers left to write. Others are enjoying their vacation with a full heart but not me. I could not feel the spirit of holiday because I kept thinking about my papers. But then I realized that God has given me the opportunity to have this kind of vacation. So why don't I enjoy it and then I'll concentrate on my papers?

For this winter break, I went to an annual conference for Malaysian and Indonesian Muslim Society in Atlanta, Georgia. Since I am the only Malaysian in my university, I flew alone to Georgia. Other Malaysians traveled together by car to the destination. I was happy to meet other Malaysians there. During the 5 days in the hotel, I kept bringing my books in each session I attended. Killing 2 birds with a stone. I was listening to the discussion while looking for points for my paper from the books.

After the conference, I joined some Malaysian students from Purdue University for a road trip to Florida. I'll update in detail about my winter break in future posts including pictures. For now I just want to inform that we had great time in Miami, Universal Studio, Sea World Park and Busch Garden. It was so much fun!!
Now I think I am recovered from my 'depression period.' I think I can continue writing my papers and I can continue feeling the enjoyment of life. I'll continue writing for my blog, expressing my passion for things such as K drama, K pop, life and others. Pray for mo to be strong ok?

See you in the next post. Sayonara!

I was enjoying my first caramel apple at Universal Studio, Florida. It was so good! :D
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Fariza Amir said...

salaam kak firuz,

i'm glad to hear that you were having fun during the winter break! memang itu salah satu cara utk melawan depression di university. hehe. okay, next year pergi Alaska pulak ok. =D

ApRiLuvsBLaCKcoFFee.....* said...

....and Penn State ppl too :D
good luck on your papers kak long!

firuz akhtar said...

salam fariza

thank u so much! a ah. akak rasa kalau akak stay je kat rumah masa winter break tu dgn paper2 yg perlu ditulis, mau gile meroyan akak...ahahahha! Alaska? tak mau la..sejuuuuuuk..hehe

firuz akhtar said...

salam dil,

thank u so much my dear. u 2 good luck 4 ur new sem. rindu la nak jalan2 lagi. nanti kite plan lagi ye. tk care.