Saturday, January 23, 2010

K Pop Dance Style


My first week of a new semester has just finished. For now, it seems that I need to read a lot and write many papers. Well, it's normal for a graduate student. However, I feel a little bit more relaxed this semester because I'm dealing with my favorites: Arabic and Persian.

Nothing much to say this time but I would like to show you some videos of K Pop dance style. For those who are interested in KPop, they would know some popular movement trends. I found videos from a Canadian couple (I think so if I'm not mistaken) who teach English to middle school and high school students in Seoul, South Korea. Simon and Martina are really cool! I like their fun and exciting videos. In this video, they showed some of the popular dance style in 2008. Well, since I knew the songs they picked and Ihave watche dthe original music videos, it's kinda funny to see how they mocked them. XD I wish I also could create good videos like them. The problem is I donno how except for the direct filming from a digital camera. I don't know a single thing about editing video. Never mind, I'll try to learn it one day :).

Ok, for the latest video is the KPop dance style for 2009! Yay! Finally... An early warning for those who are not familiar with KPop dance, year 2009 had quite a number of sexy movements. So please don't get a heart attack. I think this video is much funnier than the previous one. Especially when Simon tried to 'teach' the song of Ring DIng Dong. I burst out laughing when he showed the Calvin Klein undergarments..ahahahahaha!

I know Simon and Martina are not the best dancers but I enjoy their effort very much! So funny and entertaining! hahaha! Good job you two. I just wanna show u real moves from a young bud. He can go far.............

Till we meet again next time. Adiooooooos!
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