Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Weekend of Full Activities

Cars used during KL Drift shooting

Giant Upin n Ipin. From their backs

Anita Sarawak entertaining her fans

Sharifah Amani busy selling her stuffs to fans. She's so cute!

Bride Wars!

Salam. Oooo…there’s a lot to tell. Hmm…where should I start first? Ok let’s start with last Saturday. At first I wanted to go to Mr. Manaf’s house to teach his children as usual but then, I got a request sms to change the class to Suday. Well, ok I just need to switch it to the next day. So on Saturday morning I was off to Finas. It was an open day at Finas. A lot of things were going on there. There were acting auditions, talks about carrier in film industry, exhibitions, meetings with actors and actresses and lots more. As usual, I went there alone. Easy to move around alone when it’s hard to find someone with the same interest to hang out with. U know I like to do crazy stuffs..hehehe.

There were a lot of people participating the acting audition. They had big stickers with number written on it on their clothes. I t was so exciting to see them patiently and thrilled waiting 4 their turn. I straight away went to the ‘carrier talk’ booth. After scribbling my name on the registration paper, I went to Studio 1. It was FOC so y should I miss this opportunity? Mr. Martias was giving a talk about script writing. It was a new experience for me because I had always attended story writing talks not script. Actually both are not that different. To write a good script, u should have a good story. We also talked about film scenario in Malaysia. Why our film industry is still on the same level and so on. I really got new knowledge from the talk. Who knows maybe I will be a script writer one day…hehehe. Another crazy dream.

The next talk about directing was given by Mr. Mamat Khalid. He was so easygoing and cool. I like him. Down to earth and funny. I had eaten lunch with him once at the end of 2007 at Tok Guru’s house in Kelantan. But most probably he did not remember me. Btw who am I compared to him? Hehehe. It was a big honour to hear his talk. I had a look at the exhibitions. Got some free stuffs from the ‘Upin n Ipin’ team. There were 2 huge mascots of Upin n Ipin. So huge n cute. I also saw great sport cars used during KL drift shooting. N I realized Adam AF was also there taking pictures with his fans.

Then, I went to Taman Jaya by LRT. I headed towards Amcorp Mall to have a look at a charity event held by Berita Harian. Some artists in Malaysia had an auction for their personal stuffs and the money will straight away go to gaza fund. It was crowded. So hard to move in that crowd. I just had a look from far, snapped some pictures n went to have lunch. 4.30 p.m I continued my journey to Ara Damansara for the next class. After class, I had the feel to watch sth. So I went to KLCC and watched Bride Wars. was an ok film. Not that exciting. But it was good for a family go out.

On Sunday I went to Mr Manaf’s house to give Arabic lessons. I actually joined the Young Muslim Project team via Facebook. That day on 2 they had a talk about Gaza at TTDI. I wanted to attend it since it would be my first official involvement. I was a bit late coz I wanted to finish giving lessons first. But then Mr. Manaf’s daughters wanted to join me. So Mr. Manaf sent us to TTDI. They were in the middle of discussion that time. They all speak good English. I mean really good. So glad to see young people who are concern about what’s going on in the world now. Quoted from YMP message: Humanity knows NO boundaries.

On the way home, I went to watch Inkheart. Heheheh. Really movie days for me. I really wanted to watch the film. It was AWESOME. I will elaborate about it in the next post. Need a whole single post to explain. Hehehe. It’s enough since it’s already late. Time to sleep guys. Take care. INNALLAHAMA’ANA.

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