Thursday, August 05, 2010

[UPDATED] Dream Team Season 2 (Introduction Episode)


If you like to watch 'active' programs, Dream Team is a good choice. I myself have just started to watch it a couple months ago. It's interesting to see athletic celebrities trying their best in sports. I like their motto - To try the best and to accept the result accordingly. Dream Team Season 1 was aired in 1999 until November 2003. Dream Team Season 2 started in September 2009.

When I read the comments in YouTube, I realized that there are MANY people who are looking for the early episodes of Dream Team Season 2. They really want to watch it until they do not even care if it's subbed or not. Know what? I swear I have just watched the introduction episode a few days ago ACCIDENTALLY. I wanted to watch something while eating and I randomly clicked on some video and TADA...Introduction episode of Dream Team Season 2 with English Subs!

Today, I tried to search it back to share with you guys but it is nowhere to be seen. How frustrating! I couldn't remember which channel so I searched and searched and searched but FAILED. Sigh~ Ok, I consider myself lucky to accidentally watch it ;p

However, I found something that I can share with you. Dream Team Season 2 Introduction Episode videos but.....with French Subtitles. Well, it's okay than nothing right? Especially when there are those who don't mind to watch it even without subs. So I hope somebody can sub the videos into English and we can share it with everyone :)

Dream Team Season 2 Introduction Episode(September 13th, 2009)

Dream Team members: Jo SungMo, G.O.D's Danny Ahn, Byun WooMin, Song JoongKi, 2PM's Junho and SHINee's Minho

The comeback 'entrance' was so funny! How did they manage to stay still in the coffins for so long? HAHAHA! KARA came as guests with their trademark 'butt dance' ;p. For the first episode, their competitor was the National Marine Police.

I also found some cuts from the episode with English subs. But, you know if it's a cut, it's obviously a fan's work. Hehe~ So here are cuts of their favorite celebrities from the episode.




GREAT NEWS! I found Dream Team Season 2 Introduction Episode with English Subtitles! I will give you the link for the first part only. Read the description and you will find the other parts. :D

* OH NO! The owner has removed the video. Do you have any info about this? Let's share :D

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is-nanie said...

Dah tengok dream team vs super junior? Best gak.. Ramai fans datang.. Tapi xtau ade lg ke tak..
Nani lyn dream team sbb ade minho.. Suke tengok dia.. Kekadang dlm team, dia sorang je yang semangatnye terlebey.. hehe.. Nani penah baca kat satu forum, ade sorang pakcik umor 40thn mintak sign minho, sbb kagum dgn semangat kesukanan dia. dahla cute..
Haishh... naperlah kite dilahirkan awal sgt.. hahaha

firuz akhtar said...

firuz dah tgk yg ada suju tu. kelakar giler..hehe~
betul2. minho dia tu competitive. kite suka tgk dia dan sangchu. sangchu terror giler ah.
hahaha.. takpe nani. we r young foreva! ;p

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