Thursday, August 05, 2010

MTV 4 Minute's Friend Day Episode 1 & 2 (Eng Subs)

Hi friends

Do you like to watch Korean variety shows? I love them! Especially when I'm alone in the States, I enjoy watching them very much coz they give a home-like feeling. It's as if I'm with my family or hanging out with friends. Er....weird huh? ;p

And of course because of that, I admit that I'm a pretty good hunter for variety shows ;D. So I would like to share them with you guys especially when sometimes it is not easy to find one. The videos have different titles or other special marks. Variety show's uploaders need to be extra careful since there are other hunters who are non stop trying to block their videos (copyright issue). Therefore friends, please try to follow their requests if they don't want you to comment anything on their videos ok?

Ok for starters, let's begin with......ok, 4 Minute! I like 4 Minute. They represent brave, full confidence, smart women. Oh, and don't forget, smexy! hehe~

They have a program called MTV 4 Minute's Friend Day. It's good to see the girls having fun with friends after having a hectic schedule. By the end of each episode, they get to choose the best friend of the day.

MTV 4 Minute's Friend Day Episode 1

On the first episode, they are happy to surprise high school students. They seem to have a lot of fun! School days are indeed the best.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

MTV 4 Minute's Friend Day Episode 2

This time, each member invites a friend to join a field trip. They have so much fun together doing many interesting activities and missions.

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firuz akhtar said...

Thank you :D I'm happy that this entry helped you. Do come visit again :)

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