Friday, February 18, 2011

Heroes Variety Show Episode 5 (Eng Subs)

Credits: Super Hero Subs

You would not see the page UNLESS you register your name at this forum. Don't hesitate to
register, guys. It is easy, simple and free! And don't forget to leave a thank you note at the forum after watching it. You know it's not easy to find English subs videos for this show :)

Enjoy, friends!

Hero Variety Show Ep.5 (Eng Subs)
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Alexandre Vilamor said...

Hi there, thanks for the video, do you have links for the ep 6?

Firuz said...

Hi Alexandre. Thanks for visiting my blog. I have not found the eng sub videos for ep 6 yet. Later, if i found it, I will definitely post them. :D However, I found the eng sub videos for ep. 7 already. I will post them soon :)

Firuz said...

Hey Alexandre. Guess what? I found the eng sub videos for ep. 6! :D
I'll post them now!

emerald said...

thz a lottt for uploading ep 5

Firuz Akhtar said...

you're welcome Emerald. Actually I didn't upload them. I just shared the links with you :)

Anonymous said...

you're a generous person to let us watching it.thank you hahaha!!!

firuz akhtar said...

Hi. I am just sharing the links with everyone. We should thank SHSubs for their hard work subbing Heroes. SHSubs, fighting! We love you! :D

Stephanie said...

Thank yousoo much

Firuz Akhtar said...

@ Stephanie : You're welcome! ^__^

nurah said...

thankzz !

Anonymous said...

registered but still cant open:( is link still working

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the anonymous one said...


Anonymous said...

registered but still can't open ?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this video so much

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