Monday, February 21, 2011

Vocabulary (Fourth Bundle)

*From flash cards

1) Stolid : Lacking sensitivity, Unemotional
= Indifferent, Phlegmatic

~ Everyone was worried about Sarah since she looked so stolid at her parents' funeral.

2) Repudiate : To reject the validity of
= Disown, Disclaim, Deny

~ Tim's claim that he was the fastest runner of the school was repudiated when John broke a new record during sports day yesterday.

3) Rhetoric : Effective writing or speaking
=Eloquence, Oratory

~ Her talent for rhetoric was the reason for her acceptance at the school.

4) Specious : Deceptively attractive, Seemingly plausible but fallacious
= Illusory, Plausible

~ The guy's specious words for getting a free ticket to the concert totally failed when he was completely ignored.

5) Soporific : Causing sleep or lethargy
= Slumberous, Hypnotic

~ The movie proved to be so soporific since Ally fell asleep after the first fifteen minutes.

6) Reticent : Reserved, Silent
= Introverted, Cool

~ Maria did not realize Lisa's absence from school because she was usually a reticent student and often went unnoticed.

7) Stigma : A mark of shame or discredit
= Stain, Taint, Blemish

~ George had to wear a ridiculous outfit for the whole day at school as a public stigma for his misbehavior.

8) Satiate : To satisfy or overindulge
= Glut, Surfeit, Cloy

~ Even after 30 years ruling the country, he still could not satiate his greed for power.

9) Impervious : Incapable of being affected, Impossible to penetrate
= Resistant, Impregnable

~My brother bought an expensive watch that is impervious to any liquid and moisture.

10) Gregarious : Sociable, Outgoing
= Communicative, Congenial, Affable

~She was so gregarious that her parents were not worried to let her go studying abroad alone.
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