Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Vocabulary (Third Bundle)

My friend suggested me to put the words into sentences. Here it is! Thank you so much Nani dear!<3

*From flash cards

1) Amalgamate : To mix together, to combine
= Blend, Merge, Unite
~ YG Entertainment amalgamated with JYP Entertainment to form a mega concert for the fans.

2) Ambiguous : Uncertain, Doubtful
= Unclear, Vague, Obscure
~ The reporter was not satisfied with the singer's ambiguous answer for the scandal issue.

3) Alacrity : Quickness, Speed
= Haste, Swiftness
~ The travel agency was recommended by my friend as the staffs handle their customer's requests for flights with alacrity.

4) Aberrant : Abnormal
= Irregular, Errant, Divergent
~ Since she had been a quiet and calm person for years, her friends did not expect her aberrant change of attitude by being so talkative and wild.

5) Abate : To reduce in amount, degree, severity
= Slacken, Moderate, Wane
~ After 3 days, the snowfall finally abated and people resumed their normal activities.

6) Alleviate : To make more bearable
= Ease, Lighten, Relieve, Lessen
~ Some girls sleep after taking Panadol to alleviate menstrual pain.

7) Abstain : To choose not to do something
= Withhold, Refrain
~ Susan abstains from going to pubs and night clubs because she prefers to spend her night with family at home rather than enjoying pointlessly with strangers.

8) Ameliorate : To improve, To make better
= Upgrade, Amend, Better
~ The new education system was able to ameliorate the students' result in major examinations.

9) Advocate : To speak in favor of
= Support, Back
~ The fitness instructor advocated a healthy diet and life style.

10) Aggrandize : To increase in reputation, power, influence
= Glorify, Uplift, Magnify
~ The dictator sought to aggrandize himself by controlling the election and media.

11) Anachronism : Something out of place in time
= Archaism, Incongruity
~ Her grandfather uses anachronistic phrases that could not be understood by youngsters.

12) Adulterate : To make impure
= Load, Debase
~ The milk is not that delicious and creamy as it has been adulterated with water.

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