Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Journey to Seoul, South Korea (2)

Salam. Time to continue our journey. We took a MAS flight. Before, the last time I flew with MAS was during my primary school years. Hohoho so long time ago. It took about 5 – 6 hours to arrive.

We reached Seoul early in the morning. I was so excited in to breathe Seoul’s air. I couldn’t believe that I was actually standing in Seoooooooooul! There was also a sky train like KLIA. When we went out, there were banners welcoming the new students. However my sister’s name was not there. That banner was for Ewnha Girl Uni. My sister got a place at Korea Uni.

Suddenly there was a boy introducing himself as the representative of Korean Uni. He doesn’t know English. Luckily, there is a Chinese girl named Sherry who will be studying at the same place with Ayla. Even though the boy doesn’t know English, he does know Chinese and Russian. So Sherry and the boy communicated together. Oh, we also rented a mobile phone from the airport. Koreans are so advanced that they do not use sim cards. The number is with the phone. So there will be no worries for robbery. If a mobile phone is stolen, the owner can make a report and the line will eventually got cut. So the thief will get a mobile phone which is totally useless for him.

We then took a bus from Incheon Airport straightaway to Korea Uni. I was excited to see Korean words everywhere. I happened to just finished the basic level of Korean in Kuala Lumpur that time. SO I was happily reading the words one by one. Huhuhu~

We stopped at the side of a road. There was a man waiting for us. He was the officer of the International Student Department. We were totally impressed by their welcoming. It was spring but the weather was still cold. The officer, Mr Kim took us to the international house. Ayla was registered to a room with Sherry. Each level is for one gender. But of course the total building is mixed with boys and girls.

Then, we were brought for a tour around the uni. Wow! The uni is awesome! So beautiful and the buildings are like Europeans. We were told that Korea Uni is one of the most famous uni in the whole South Korea. Oooh, lucky Ayla! We couldn’t see any other Malaysians there even though comparing to other universities, there are more Malaysians at Korea Uni. But then, we were told that Malaysians rent houses outside of campus and most of them are studying at Engineering Faculty which is located at another place. Only those who are granted Korean scholarship live inside. Huhu~ Lucky Ayla to be fully sponsored!

Mr Kim brought us to a tradional Korean cuisine restaurant for lunch. I was a little bit afraid because of course there will be ba alif ba ya. Alhamdulillah Mr Kim knows Muslims well since he once lived with Arabs before. He ordered fish and veggie for us. We ate kimchi ler..I’m ok with the food but my father said : Sup ni sup vicks ke? Hahaha!

Airport bus route

Nice uni

Group photo

International Student Affairs

Delicious fruit punch..yummy!

Traditional Korean Cuisine Restaurant

A pink tree in the middle of the table. So beautiful!

Alamak! It's time to go home..Continue ok? Salam

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