Monday, May 18, 2009

Journey to Seoul, South Korea (1)


It has been long. No mood la…..But today I’m ready to write again. What should I tell u guys?......Haaa! About my trip to Seoul, South Korea! I had never ever imagined that I would be there one day. Watching all those Korean dramas and films, being a fan of K-pop music, I just imagined that Korea is a far faraway land. But Alhamdulillah, I got this golden opportunity.

My two sisters are also very fond of Korean dramas and films. In fact, they are much more fanatic than me. They know how to use chopsticks just from the dramas. Huhuhu~ My sister Ayla got 9A’s in SPM (science stream). But then she wanted to say goodbye to Science world (just like me laaaa….hohohooho). I told her to wisely decide the best thing for her. She then chose to study Korean. I told her…people look at language field as an easy one, second-class one, so she must be very passionate to be able to face all kind of obstacles. Language is indeed a field that needs passion. It is not easy because without enthusiasm, you will not succeed.

I am a person who enjoys looking at people who really want to study. I will give my full support to them. There are a lot of Malaysian students in Korea studying engineering . So how about language? In Korea?? Hahaha! Who wants to sponsor? Don’t ever dream about it laaaaa…But I did not lose hope. I searched and searched and searched for scholarship opportunity from the internet. At last I found something called Korean Government Scholarship for foreigners. Unfortunately, no scholarship for Malaysians! Yes for Indonesians but no for us. As if Malaysians are sooooooooooo rich. Sabar je la.

I came out with a super duper crazy idea. I myself donno how I could have guts to do that. I actually wrote an email to Korean Ministry of Education! Selamba badak je tulis. I was surprised to get a reply. Thanks for that man (I forgot his name) who kindly responded to me (a nobody from a land called Malaysia? Huhu) He said that he would bring up the topic in the next board meeting. I still had hopes even though I knew that the answer is a polite version of –who the hell are you to ask for scholarship?

After a few weeks, I was extremely glad to see an advertisement of Korean Government scholarship offer in the internet. Alhamdulillah! So what’s the moral here? Don’t ever be afraid to pursue your dreams even though it may sound impossible. You would never know what will happen unless u try. It’s not about winning, it’s about who you become when you try.

Sad enough my sister was not selected. My sister was relaxed but I was to one who cried. Eh, mestilah! I tried hard in order to get a scholarship for my sis. Then, my sister continued her studies in Hospitality in UITM Permatang Pauh. The end..The end? No way laaaaaaaaaaaaaa

The next year, I accidently browsed to a new Korean Government Scholarship offer at internet. It is considered as the second year of scholarship from Korean Government to Malaysians. I called my sis at Penang and asked her to give it a try. She tried again but this time, we asked recommendation from my father’s friend, a professor in Korea. He is a Korean professor teaching Malay in Busan.

Alhamdulillah she was finally selected. Everything happened so fast. When she got the result, she just had three weeks to get ready before flying to Korea. And…of course I want to follow laaaaaaaaaaaa. But quoting my father’s speech~ bole pegi tapi duit sndri haaaaaaaaaaa…

Now I’ll start with a day before the journey to Seoul. We went to Korean embassy in Kuala Lumpur for a scholarship award ceremony.

Malaysian and Korean flags

Korean Government Scholarship winners

At d airport with sis n cousins

With bubbly Uncle D

Ok. It's time to go back now. Time off! The story will be continued ok...the story of the journey to Seoooooooooul. Anyong!

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