Friday, October 30, 2009

Presenting My New Born 'Baby'


I proudly present my new born blog! I really feel proud of myself because as an IT dummie, I managed to make all the changes by myself. Is there any book entitled: Blogging for Dummies, from the Dummies Series? I should have bought one!Seriously the HTML thing is confusing!I think I have crossed eyes now..:P

Well of course there are still a lot of weaknesses. I just don't know what to do with the 'Home', 'About' and 'Contact' columns above. Not functioning at all... Ah, biarkan mereka bahagia di atas sana! Tak larat nak layan dah..

Wow, the world of internet is really awesome! From zero, I learned to make these changes just by searching from internet. Yeah, a little bit slow at first but then I finally understood how to manage this. Fuh, how many hours I have spent in front of the laptop seriously today!It just shows that I am such a slow learner in IT world.

Anyways, Alhamdulillah I finally can release my new born artwork (eceh..konon!). Hopefully I will post fun, cool and good posts to my blog continuously. Insya Allah..but I really have no choice if my disease comes back.....malas...hehehe!

Ok seriously I need to have some sleep now. See you again in the next blog. Tha zzz...thanks..zzz...everyone..zz...Goodbye 4 nowzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.........
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sum79 said...

Old disease eh...nak kene tarik telinga neh, he3

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