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This semester I have a class called Lyrics of Love: East and West. It is more about mystical poetry from East and West. We read some about Christianity and Jewish Mysticism. Now it's time for Sufism. I'm a bit excited because at least I have some brief info about it. We have to read this book: The Shambala Guide to Sufism. I found something interesting (well, at least for me it's interesting!) and I would like to share with you guys. It's about definitions of Sufism.

List of sayings from different early Sufi masters:

Sufism is entry into exemplary behavior and departure from unworthy behavior.

Sufism meansthat God makes you die to yourself and makes you live in him.

The Sufi is single in essence; nothing changes him, nor does he change anything.

The sign of the sincere Sufi is that he feels poor when he has wealth, is humble when he has power, and is hidden when he has fame.

Sufism means that you own nothing and are owned by nothing.

Sufism means entrusting the soul to God most high for whatever he wishes

Sufism means seizing spiritual realities and giving up on what creatures possess.

Sufism means kneeling at the door of the beloved, even if he turns you away.

Sufism is a state in which the conditions of humanity disappear.

Sufism is a blazing lightning bolt.

And I would like to share a video with you. A tazkirah for us: Never lose hope in Allah!

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