Wednesday, October 21, 2009

*You're Beautiful Drama*


During my days in Tehran, I was the only Malaysian. No internet in my room, no one to speak Malay with, so I mixed with other foreign n local students. My best friend there was Phuong from Vietnam n will always be. So where did I 'practise' my Malay? Singing alone in the shower room or talking to myself in front of a mirror. I think I am already a pro actress by creating a lot of drama scenes in front of the mirror. Hahah!

Well, it differs here in America. Yeah, still the only Malaysian at this university (there are Malay families here but u don't hang out with married couples rite? That will be weird. Sometimes is ok) but I have internet in my room. Not a lot of friends like in Iran. In Iran I lived in a hostel. Now being a 'grown up' student, I live in an apartment. No one to talk to always like before. So apa lagi? Internet je la beb! I found another way to 'maintain' my malay. No more singing in the shower, still maintaining the 'drama' in front of the mirror and 2 new activities: writing subs for dramas and talking to the camera. Hehehe!

I know most Malaysians understand English. So no need for Malay subs. But at least I am doing sth to maintain my Malay...I know I'm not a high school girl anymore but I just cannot resist watching cool + cute dramas. I confess that I am really a hantu tv. Huhu~ I like to watch and analyze and then.....create my own story line (merapu + mengarut = cerite) haha! I also couldn't believe that I was once one of the top 20 finalists of a creating tv program competiton (sponsored by Media Primework). Mine was a drama n of course it was a bit merapu. hahaha! My friends laughed at me everytime I told them the storyline of the drama. But guess what? At least I got a RM3000 prize for it!

Korean dramas brought craziness to Malaysia. I also watch Japanese and Taiwanese and American but I still think Korean dramas r the best. Anywhere I go I am always stuck to it. I am in America and a fan of Korean dramas; my brother, Hafiz in Egypt watches a lot of American movies and series and my baby sister, Ayla in South Korea is always watching Malay dramas. Haha! Semuanya terbalik kot! Definitely we r all in the wrong places n time :p.

Watching a lot of dramas, I am an 'expert' of guessing and predicting storylines. When I watch something, I can eventually know what will happen next. I like funny, cool n cute dramas because 4 me, I watch to get out of the stressful moments of studying. So I need to laugh my heart out. Well. sometimes when I feel like a little romantic or emotional, I'll go for the melodramas. But not always la..Need to save some tissue papers lor!!

So when I say funny, cool, cute, U can guess which dramas I will like. Example: Full House, My Girl, Goong (not that funny but 4 me it's cute), My Tutor Friend etc. For other dramas, I usually will skip a lot of scenes. But after a long time I am now excited again. A new drama that excites me and make me wait for the broadcaast day to come. Huhu~ Ok this new K-drama is called 'You're Beautiful'. The writers are Hong Sisters, the same writers for My Girl, My Sassy Girl Chun Yang, Hong Gil Dong etc.

For me 'You're Beautiful' is a combination of Boys Over Flowers and Hanazakarino Kimitachi. And the one that makes me sooooo excited is the unexpected twist in the drama. For the first time, I could not guess what's going to happen. Mmm...the drama really makes my brain work. Tried to guess but it came out wrong. Haha! For example: a girl was drunk n crazily talking to herself, standing on a bench. She was about to fall down but a boy came to save her. Ok la...what can u guess now? The girl fell onto the boy n there will be an 'accidental' kiss rite? I also guess the same thing. But the scene is more than that. The girl fell onto the boy, of course an accidental kiss plus she vomitted in his mouth! WAkakakakakaka! I laughed so much that time. Kinda groossss...but sooo funny :p I didnt expect that to happen.

It is a story about the life of an idol group. Yeah..u know in Korea now is the 'it' time for boy and girl groups. A boy is supposed to join the group but couldn't make it for a while because of some problems. So his twin sister stepped in, going for his place. Guess what? The sister is in training to be a nun. hahaha! Just imagine...Always in a church n suddenly u need to sing n dance on a stage? Can she manage it?

The 3 original members of A.N.Jell group

Now, the 4th member will come...Can they accept the new member easily?

The main casts are:

Jang Geun Suk as Hwang Tae Kyung

His character is somehow similar to Gu Jun Pyo of Boys Over Flowers (BOF). I didn't know him b4. This is my first time knowing him. I think I kinda like him now. Good actor. People commented about his hair style in this drama. They don't like it. Well, 4 me it still looks good on him. A handsome face like that can fit any hair styles ! Maybe the inspiration is from Adam (d gay singer) from American Idol. He is also a singer. He sang some of the songs in OST. The main song for this drama, 'Still' is actually sung by him.

Park Shin Hye as Go Mi Nam / Go Mi Nyu

Despite of her young age, she is a good actress. She was a cast in Stairway to Heaven, Tree of Heaven, Goong S etc. She's a good dancer and d model of Etude House (cosmetic brand). Mmm..I don't have d right to comment but I think she's lacking some of face expression here. I kept imagining Yoon Eun Hye (Goong, Coffee Prince,My Fair Lady) in her place. Maybe because she did an excellent job of being a tomboy and looked really boyish in Coffee Prince, I think she's more suitable to bring this character. However, let us give Park Shin Hye a chance to proof herself.

Jung Yong Hwa as Kang Shin Woo

Ok, this man really resembles the character Yoon Jee Hoo of BOF. The caring and matured character but will always end by not getting his love. Huhu~ I don't know him but I like his soft face expression. So lovely to have an oppa like that. Hihi~

Lee Hong Ki as Kang On Yu / Jeremy

Hongki!!! I just knew him after watching a variety show called Family Outing. He was the guest that time. He is one of the members of F.T Island Group. Oh My God! He is supeeeeeer cute! Love his mischievous character in this drama.

This drama is still ongoing in South Korea. It airs every Wednesdays and Thursdays at 9.55 pm. I watch this drama from The team for this channel is superb! They r supeeeeeeeer fast. Just imagine, on the same day, u can watch this drama at viikii complete with english subs! Just imagine how fast they work! Wow, very talented, dedicated, professional...I told u that I tried to sub some of the parts in Malay. It is NOT EASY!

At viikii, viewers send a lot of feedbacks. There r a lot of viewers who r totally in love with this series. Patiently waiting for the broadcasting to come like mad lovers. Hahaha! But the weird thing is the viewer rate in South Korea is not that good. This drama is ranked 11th or 12th each time. I don't know y but seriously this drama has a huge fan group in the internet.

I highly recommend u guys to watch this drama but...still it depends on ur taste. I loooove this..hehe~ For my story, Orang Kaya a.k.a. O.K, post ok? Lazy to edit now..hehe~

A gift for ur ears. I miss this man's voice so much. Let us dedicate Al-Fatihah to Arwah Ustaz Asri from Rabbani group. Rabbani is an Islamic singing group in Malaysia. The group is unique since it combines a lot of elements in their music - tradisional-modern etc. Try to hear their music. U'll like it. Ok below is one of their music videos entitled 'Apa Yang Kau Tahu?' or in English: What did u know?

See u again Insya Allah. Wassalam

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is-nanie said...

Kat blog kpop.. byk org cakap psl citer nih.. Sebab ade hong ki, vocalist FT Island berlakon.. Setakat nih nani tak rasa dia tuh naturally cute..hahahhaa...

Firuz buat malay subs? Rajinnye.. Then post video yg malay tuhkat mane? Ade dpt pape upah x? Atau volunteer je?

firuz akhtar said...

baru je kenal hongki tu..ntah le..rasa mcm comel sgt dia tu. hehe~

ada la buat malay sub skit2. susah nak buat laju2. tak mahir lagi. huhu~ ala volunteer je pun. saja nak asah bhs melayu..ada kat utk cite ni ada 16 bhs utk subtitle. salah satunye melayu la. tapi melayu punye sub lambat. hehe~ mgkin sbb malaysians ramai yg tau inggeris jadi tak terburu2 la nak sub.

firuz akhtar said...

I found this in viikii. net at the comments column:

a: should i watch this drama?? seem taiwan-ish....and the main guy's hair is just un-korean!

b: I can certainly recommend this drama. The only reason why you will not like it is if you are insane or if you do not have the mental capacity to enjoy good Korean dramas. It is only going on its 4th week and this site had over 613,000 views. Hop in you are ,missing the ride....

hahahahhaha! "insane or if you do not have the mental capacity to enjoy good Korean dramas." fanatik tu! hahahaha!

is-nanie said...

hhahaa.. bab2 korea nih mmg ade org yg fanatik..
tp nani tetap suke citer jepon.. sbb jln citer cepat nk abih.. hehe.. citer korean byk sgt episodnye.. meleret sket.

Firuz Akhtar said...

i highly recommend this drama la nani. tak meleret2. klaka giler.. tgk skali pasti nak lagi. hehe

Effy Saiful said...

i'm just gonna go with hafiz on this.. i NEVER watched japanese/korean movies or series.. only english ones..bak kata warouq, sy ni 'pro barat'.. huhu

btw, i've to admit that ur english is superb! best ek dpt duk sana.. english comes we hv to struggle like hell to maintain/improve our english (T_T)

gdlak kak firuz ;)

firuz akhtar said...

Welcome to the world of Asian entertainment.huhu~ need to have a peek at our side of entertainment too lah. ANyways I do admit that Western products r awesome..just cannot resist the tempatation :p

I'm struggling with my english here. Every week i'll seek 4 help at the writing center. Effy, I am very proud of u. Ur english is excellent. Ur english articles r great. U did a great job in maintaining ur English. If u come here, u'll be a pro in no time. Well. i really do hope u can come here for ur future studies.

Good luck 4 u 2.

Muhamad Hanif said...

mamat yg berlakon jd singer tu ade gak berlakon dlm cite "beethoven virus"..dh nengok 1 episode cite ni...n i'm insane sbb xbest pon cite die..hahaha..prefer cite jepun kot

firuz akhtar said...

hai...baru tgk 1 episod je tu...drama jepun kan klaka...cite ni pun klaka susah gak kalau kite tgk sesuatu dgn high expectations. it's difficult to be satisfied. hehe~ biasa la tu.lagipun rasanya budak pompuan lagi suke cite ni...hehe~ bergantung jg pada minat masing2. :)y dont u try to watch IRIS? ala2 james bond gitu kalau suka aksi la.

Anonymous said...

Thanks For Sharing!


Firuz Akhtar said...

you are mostly welcome animeshippuduen

Anonymous said...

I am reading this article second time today, you have to be more careful with content leakers. If I will fount it again I will send you a link

Firuz Akhtar said...

Hi Thanks for your info. I'm sorry, what do you mean by content leaker? Okay, I'll wait for the link. Thank u again.

Anonymous said...

Do you have copy writer for so good articles? If so please give me contacts, because this really rocks! :)

Firuz Akhtar said...

I'm sorry. I don't have any contact with any copy writers.As for the articles in this blog, I wrote them all by myself. Actually what kind of copy writer are you looking for? If you tell me, I might recommend some websites to you. They have awesome copy writers. By the way, how can I contact you? I don't have any information about u..

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