Monday, November 02, 2009

Big Bang - The Theory of Music Domination

I am a newbie in K Pop world. But don't worry, I am such a fast learner in this 'course.' :p
Much faster than reading the books for my classes.....hihi~

Ok for the first post under K Pop label, I want to talk about Big Bang. It's a Korean boy band of YG Entertainment company. Their first debut was in 2006. There are 5 members in this group: G-Dragon a.k.a GD (leader), Taeyang a.k.a SoL, Daesung a.k.a D-Lite, T.O.P a.k.a Tempo, Seungri a.k.a VI @ Victory.

They really hit the jackpot! Very popular locally and internationally. And their latest achievement is to appear in TIMES, the second South Korean artist after Rain Bi. I personally like their music and style. Of course they are hot and they also have unique talents.

This is the 3rd Japanese single and the latest MV from Big Bang. It's also used as an OST for a Japanese drama.

I have only 2 words to say:



The leader, G Dragon has also released his own solo album recently- Heartbreaker. I do admit that his style and fashion seems a bit awkward....but it's his personal style and I like his creativity.

This is a MV of his song-Heartbreaker. Mmm..seems Lady Gagayish.

This second MV, My Butterfly is also one of the songs in GD's album. Oooo...I really like this MV. So beautiful and artistic. The song sounds relaxing too.

Taeyang also has his latest solo single, Where you at, released in October 2009. He's the Korean Chris Brown. XD And of course hotness overdosed..hihi~. Anyong!

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is-nanie said...

opis skrg dah block semua saluran chatting dan facebook.. chat kat blog pon tak leh.. communicate gune komen blog je la.. huhu..
heh.. kat blog ziera.. dia ckp nak kurangkan ckp psl kpop.. nak fokus study, nak sambung master kat UK. skrg nih kita berdua pulak yang jd informers.. haha.. kita memang fast learners kan? hehe..

Firuz Akhtar said...

ooo ye ke? patut la rasa mcm 'terpanggil2' utk tulis pasal K Pop. rupa2nye org kuat nak 'g bercuti'. hahaha~ bgus la ziera nak tumpukan pada study. nak dptkan tmpt utk buat masters tu yg susah. kena buat btul2 sbb kena fight utk dptkan tmpt. bile dh dpt tu, sng skit la.

laa kesian nani. takpe la. kita communicate kot comment je la. kita mmg gabungan yg bagus la learner speed terakir informers...hehehe~

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