Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Fan Photo Project of You're Beautiful Drama

After being a zombie for a couple of nights because of the blo*dy history test, now I can breath a little even though I didn't do well in it. At least it's over! Maybe the test was not hard for my other classmates. But for me, it was so difficult because first: I don't like the subject, second: it was my first ever test in United States especially as the one and only international student in class. All the information are scattered in my brain and I don't know whether it is correct or not. I really need to kill myself to pass through this first semester. It's hard to adapt to American system because I am used to Eastern style. And as a graduate student, others think that you are supposed to be clever. Oh My God! That makes me sooo nervous. And the one I hate the most is people's high expectation. They were like "WOW!" when they knew I know 4 languages and I got Fulbright scholarship. Oh come on,guys! I was just lucky, not that intelligent. These expectations make me suffocate all the time.

When a person is in a lot of pressure, he or she tends to make unbelievable crazy things. Yes, I admit it. Soooo true! I just don't know how to release the tightness in my chest. I made a ridiculous decision: to pose in pictures as drama characters. Hahahaha! I just couldn't believe I actually did that. My same age friends are busy working, taking care of their husband and kids but here, I am just like a teenage girl posing for pictures, showing my love to a drama. Guess what? I DON'T CARE! (music background: 2NE1 'I don't care' song)

My latest passion is a Korean Drama, You're Beautiful that I have mentioned before in my previous posts. There was actually a fan photo project by the fan club. To give support to the drama team, the fan club decided to prepare a special slide of fan's pictures and messages. The deadline was 8th November at first but then it was changed to 6. I did not realize the change and because of the hectic days of study, I could not make it on time. Thanks God I am not a teenage girl anymore. If not, I would have banged my head to the wall because I missed the deadline. Actually...I really wanted to pose in front of camera but I didn't have any solid reason to do it. So now it's the time to take the chance! Hahahaha! I am a loyal viewer of America's Next Top Model but I am not a good poser though. Credits to Afreen, my housemate who took the pictures and to PA who edited them.

I wanted to make creative pictures and the only idea that popped out in my head was to pose as the drama characters. Ok now we'll start with Jeremy (Lee Hong Ki). In the drama, he is a witty, funny and kinda crazy guy. He loves to make people around him laugh and forget the problems. Likes to celebrate every single memorable time with parties. He is the type of person who is fun to be with.

This is Hong Ki or Jeremy in the drama:

Well. I tried to show the colorful sides (funny and crazy) of Jeremy,so I came out with this. Hahaha!

Next is the macho and the-best-nominee-for-husband man, Shin Woo Oppa. He's calm, macho and cool but he is always keeping everything inside. So, he always appear sad in hiding his feelings. (Even though in the next episode it seems that he's ready to confess his love. Kekeke! Go Oppa!)

I don't know how to appear macho but I'm totally good in showing loneliness since I'm alone here in the States. Hahaha!

This is the hottest man nowadays in internet forums about K Drama, Tae Kyung Shi. He is always smirking, getting pissed off really easy but undeniably major hotness! Like what Park Shin Hye said, he is the one that you'll fall for more each time you see him. Hihi~ can I show a pissed off face? So I just frowned to express it. Hehe~ Being hot is just out of my I just tried the higher-up-your-nose thing. XD

The main actress is Go Mi Nyu or Go Min Nam. She's the innocent, cute, and clueless type of girl. A girl who is pure and lovable.

Ok this is my attempt to look cute nd innocent. Hahahaha! I just want to roll over seeing my poses. Don't get too annoyed seeing me trying the best to appear cute ok? :p

The evil woman of YAB drama, He Yi. She is doing a very good job because I feel like slapping her everytime her scene appears. In front of everyone, she is the most elegant, pretty, super nice, and lovable actress. However, in the reality she is the nasty b*tch that keeps ruining Tae Kyung and Go Mi Nam's happiness.

I wanted to show the two sides of the fake fairy. So I showed the smiling face and the dark side and the arrogance of He Yi. I held 2 different colored files as a symbol of 2 different characters. How is it? Do I look fake? Hahaha!

Last but not least, this picture is to show my support to all of the casts and crews of YAB team. You really brighten up my hard days of studying with your adorable work. Don't care about the ratings because in the reality YAB has a huge fan base all around the world especially among the netizens. I made hand signals to show the word love.

Even though I didn't have the chance to submit my pictures to the fan club, I do hope one day the casts and crews of YAB team will come across my photos in internet. Heheh! Just wanna show them my support and love.

Oh, I can't wait to watch the 11th episode this coming Wednesay. So nervous to see Tae Kyung and Jeremy's reaction after the high-level-bravery of Shin Woo's confession in front of everyone. Mm..thank you for having a look at my craziness moments. hehe~ Now I need to put on back my glasses and start to look at my books again. See you all again. Muuuaaah! Love from USA.

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is-nanie said...

tak touch up dulu ke gmbr tuh? hahhaa..

wah... setiap gmbr.. mcm2 gaya.. jaket pon bertukar2.. dah cam model dah.. hikhik.. nani suke gmbr ala park shin hye.. hehe..

Sayangla xsempat nak post kat fan project tuh kan.. Kat forum xleh letak gak ke? Xpela.. nsbaik ade blog.

firuz akhtar said...

tak reti la nak touch up ni..tak nak la menyusahkan org lain plak kalau asyik mintak tlg.

ada bnyk sedekah..oo ye ke..ala2 park shin hye? hahahah..nak jadi comel tapi FAIL!

tu la smpat pos plak..tkpe la..hrp2 dorang bole termasuk dlm blog ni satu hari,dpt tgk gmbr2 firuz. hehe

PA said...

lain kali alang2 nak posing dpn kamera tu...pi cari kamera DSLR. hehehehe.

firuz akhtar said...

trima kasih atas cdgn PA. Masalahnya pakai kamera digital pun terkial2 kan pulak kamera D..D apa? DBSK? hahahah

YaYa said...

heheh..ko hardcore YAB jugak ke?aku pon sama..siap sebar virus ajak member2 join skalik laks tuh..ko US kat ne ek?freshman ye?

Firuz Akhtar said...

hehe~ mesti la..kipas-susah-mati punye peminat ni...huhu~ a ah...habis virus aku sebarkan..

ko kat us gak ke? kat penn state? aku sesorang je malaysia tercampak kat sini. Kt st louis, missouri dkt washington university. a ah. thn pertama

isuzu_aizu said...

kak firuz, accidentally sy pon terminat dgn kehawtan JGS :D *jatuh chenta dgn YAB gak*

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
firuz akhtar said...

oooo welcome to the club isuzu...hehe~ die mmg kan cite dia? sweet sgt.

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