Thursday, July 22, 2010

KPop Single Chart: Third Week of July 2010

Credits: KPOPNet4

Hi everyone.

For the third week of July 2010 (July 11-18) as usual we have new entries. I specially love G-na's new entry 'I'll Back Off, Live Happily.' She has a powerful voice and her song is catchy. I think she can go far. :)

I'm a bit shocked to see Jay Park is in the list. I thought it was only a cover...Anyways, it just shows how popular he is. Fans will always support you! Fighting!

And, miss A, the rookie tops the chart again for this week. Congrats!

KPop Weekly Chart

20. Dang Dang Dang(땡땡땡) - Supreme Team (Re-entry)
19. No Other(너 같은 사람 또 없어) - Super Junior
18. What I want to do when I have a lover(애인이 생기면 하고 싶은 일) - G.NA
17. You're My V.I.P - Eun Ji Won
16. I'll Hurt More(내가 더 아플게) - Hwan Hee
15. I'll Back Off, Live Happily(꺼져줄게 잘 살아) - G.NA
14. Push Push - Sistar
13. Never(절대) - Big Mama
12. Can't U See - Son Dam Bi
11. Over Time(시간이 지나면) - Baek Ji Young
10. Meddling(잔소리) - IU & Seul Ong
09. Because I'm a Girl(여자라서) - IU
08. The Day I was Confessing(고백하던 날) - Jo Kwon
07. Count On Me(믿어줄래) - Park Jae Beom
06. I Need a Girl - TaeYang
05. I My Me Mine - 4Minute
04. As I'm Painful to Die(죽을만큼 아파서) - MC Mong
03. Bbi Ri Bba Bba(삐리빠빠) - Narsha
02. queen - Son Dam Bi
01. Bad Girl Good Girl - miss A

New Releases

01. Show Time - Cherry Filter
02. I Came Alone(혼자 왔어요) - December
03. Pop & Drop - Joosuc
04. Coffee House - Eun Jung
05. The Person(그 사람) - Lee Seung Chul
06. Ex-Mind - Shin Hye Sung
07. Saturday Afternoon(토요일 오후에) - Raspberry Field
08. Only This Word(이 말 밖엔) - Jacob
09. You are the One - Kim Jo Han
10. Raining - Kim Jin Woo

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