Sunday, April 11, 2010

KPop Single Chart : First Week of April 2010

For the first week of April 2010 (28 March - 4 April), there have been new entries to the KPop scene. I'm glad that my Rain Bi has taken the fourth place as a new participant. Hope by the second week, he'll boost up to a higher place. The chart is based on 30% from Melon Chart, 30% from Bugs Chart, 20% from Dosirak Chart and 20% from Soribada Chart. Thank you so much for KPopNET4 for the awesome video of the chart.

There are a few of my favorite songs in the list including After School-Bang, 2am-I Did Wrong, Kara-Lupin. And there are a couple of songs that I'll definitely check out coz they sound good! Ok, the ranking for the first week of April is:

20. Dropping Rain - Kim Tae Woo
19. Swing - Lee Hyori
18. Heartbreaker - GDragon
17. It has to be only you - YeSung
16. Shock - Beast
15. Because I only Learned to Love - December
14. Will Love Come - Baek Ji Young & Mighty Mouth
13. Super Soul - Gil Hak Mi
12. It doesn't Make Sense - Younha
11. Present - K.Will
10. Bubble Love - MC Mong & Seo In Young
09. Going Crazy Waiting - Big Mama
08. Lupin - KARA
07. I Go Crazy Because of You - T-ara
06. Bad Habit - ZIA
05. I did wrong - 2AM
04. Love Song - Rain
03. Run Devil Run - SNSD
02. I'll Make Way - Brown Eyed Soul
01. Bang! - After School

Listen to bits of the songs from this video:

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Sarah Alia Shahrim said...

wowowow~ heartbreaker still in chart? WOW!

firuz akhtar said...

tu la pasal! lama giler kan dia bertahan kat carta. mantap la GD! hehe~

firuz akhtar said...

oh baru perasan yg lagu tu dikira baru sbb duet dgn florida. tapi still...lama gak heartbreaker bertahan. org tak bosan dgr.

Sarah Alia Shahrim said...

oh tu lagu yg remix ngan florida oohh thx~~ lagu heartbreaker remix tu laju cam f1..spatah haram pwn xdpt tgkp xcept korus heheh