Wednesday, April 28, 2010

KPop Single Chart: Fourth Week of April 2010

I really want to write more but it's hectic these days. But I'll make sure that I'll be active again in a couple of days :D.

So for a quick update, the single chart for the fourth week of April has came out! Woot! Woot! There are many entries this week and the competition will be more fierce. 2pm came back with their latest single, Without You. Honestly, when I saw their MV for the first time, it reminded me to JYP's No Love. Some of the movements seem similar. Well, I think it's not a surprise isn't it? Since JYP is their boss. Lee Hyori is still reigning the throne with Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Rain has a little slide down this week to number 6. His Hip Song is on the 12th place. I'm not worried because he's still the king in the music shows. Oppa, saranghae <3.

For the fourth week (April 18-25), the chart is as following:

20. Bubble Love - MC Mong & Seo In Young
19. I'll Make Way - Brown Eyed Soul
18. 10 Reasons to Love You - Lee Seok Hoon (SG Wannabe)
17. It doesn't Make Sense - Younha
16. Dropping Rain - Kim Tae Woo
15. There is no love - Gummy
14. I Go Crazy Because of You - T-ara
13. Like a Fool - 2AM
12. Hip Song - Rain
11. I Did Wrong - 2AM
10. The Wings named you - Kim Tae Woo
09. Run Devil Run - SNSD
08. Bang! - After School
07. Scattered - Monday Kiz
06. Love Song - Rain
05. It has to be only you - YeSung
04. Magic - Secret
03. Choked Up - SeeYa
02. Without U - 2PM
01. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang - Lee Hyori

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