Friday, April 09, 2010

Rain Bi Crowned As The Winner at M! Countdown


The King of KPop returned to the stage with an impressive start-number one on M! Countdown. After his latest release of Love Song MV, fans were anticipating to see him performing live. The dazzling MV just made the fans enthusiastic; hence creating more expectations for his live performance. After an absence from KPop stage for two years, Rain was still powerful by delivering the best. His voice was husky and captivating, and as expected (and hoped) he did show his chocolate abs ;p

Besides 'Love Song', Rain also performed another song from his album called 'Hip Song'. From the title itself, it is easy to predict how the dance will be. 'Hip Song' was a fast track which was fired up by his amazing dance skill. He surely has awesome stamina since it is not easy to sing along with hyper dance moves.

Claiming the first place for the first comeback stage. How awesome is that! But it is expected from an ace like Rain Bi. Being the first after 2AM's win for the previous stage, Rain seemed to be very happy. He was even laughing during the 'prize giving' ceremony. Once he was announced as the winner, the other singers kept bowing to him, giving full respect. Well, Rain is already considered a legend for South Korea, so no wonder he is highly respected by others. He is a successful sunbae for other singers even though he has not reached 30 years old yet. Impressive achievement! However, he seemed a bit lonely among the new comers. Let us hope Lee Hyori will come back soon to the stage. That way, Rain will have a 'partner' from his days to promote their songs together.

The latest news is Rain's "Love Song" MV is labeled by KBS as inappropriate for broadcasting. People may thought that the sexiness in the MV led to that matter. However, it was because Rain has broken the traffic law by running in the middle of the road! Hopefully the matter will not slow down his album promotion. Good luck Rain!
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