Monday, April 05, 2010

Rain Bi's "Love Song"

It's been a while and nothing interesting happened to me except for a trip to Michigan last week for a seminar. That's why I didn't write anything about myself. However, something happened recently that I couldn't resist the temptation to voice out my opinion. Guess what? My forever love, Rain Bi has released his latest MV! \^O^/ Yeay!

After some time of silence in singing arena, and kept concentrating on his film career, it's the time for him to come back. His fans are all excited since it has been a long time seeing him firing the stage. So what do you guys expect for? Something different? Yeah, it's sure is DIFFERENT! TADA!

Oh Rain dear, you know that I love you. As much as I love you, the eye lashes are a big NO NO. You really gave me a heart attack seeing you with this type of appearance. I know you want to bring something different to the table but this? Er......(WHAT THE?) Not all differences look good, dear. The only difference that gives a WOW impact recently in KPOP world is After School's comeback. They are totally different from the cliche comeback concept of other girl idol groups and they completely blast the stage with their own strong and fresh comeback. When the other girl idol groups are busy competing with each other with black, mysterious concept, After School appears with a drum marching concept. They even play the drums professionally!

After School Group

SNSD Group

T-ara Group

KARA Group

Ok this looks better because it's not a close-up!

However, don't worry dear, we still love you. Let's move to your music.

Rain's singing ballad! We all know that Rain is the dancing machine and he's the King of KPOP with his sexy and energetic dance. He's now proving that he doesn't only have the moves but he also owns the voice. He completely composed the new song entitled "Love Song". Good job, Rain! I love your latest song. The song is about a man who still can't get over his ex-girlfriend and still hopes for her love. It's not easy to make a slow song sounds sexy and so captivating but he manages to bring it all. And the mv is a WOW especially when the guest artist is the lovely Han Ye Seul. (Han Ye Seul, you'll so gonna be the next target for fan's jealousy. hehe~). Let's have a look at his MV.

OMG! Can you hear my heartbeat? I fell in love again! *faints*
There are many comments from netizens about his mv. One of my favorite comments is by ndvu1 who gives opinion about why the album is called 'Back to The Basic":

This MV is a great combination of all of his previous MVs. The first scene where he runs is like a scene in his 2003 MV “Run away from the sun.” His chest popping and beating his chest is like his 2004 MV “It’s Raining”. His outfit is like his army’s style in “I’m Coming”, and this MV’s storyline is like his 2008 MV ” Love Story”.

How can a person pull off a ballad song that sexy? Only Rain can do that. Just a couple of things seem weird to me:

1) Fast-paced dance for a ballad song? At first it seemed so weird but then I realized that it can be considered as an interpretive dance. Even though it looks hyper and unsuitable for a slow song, it gives 1001 meaning for emotion expression. Like what we can see in "So You Think You Can Dance" when they keep jumping around with a ballad think it's that concept.

2) What's with the wave body movement? *fainted again* SUPER HOT! Well, personally it's so out of the topic. Just imagine you are crying while making a body wave? Hahaha~ No No. This wave movement is merely fan service but everyone's rooting for it! :D. Rain without sexiness is not Rain ;p. Even though it's unnecessary, everyone's loving it! (Including me......XD)

3) The scene where Han Ye Seul is sleeping and Rain is singing like crazy on the bed kinda gives me creeps. It looks like that in any minute Rain is going to attack her. Just imagine you are sleeping and a psycho keeps singing at the foot of your bed. Isn't it scary? But I think the fans won't mind if Rain is the one singing beside their beds...hehe~

4) Is it necessary to rip of your shirt if you're sad? When I was watching the MV, I was like..EH?..but then WAAAH... XD. Since Rain trained a lot during his Ninja Assasin filming, his body is really in a good shape. His muscles are buffed and yeah, the abs are so....You know what I mean. hehe~I wonder if he'll rip off his shirt during his stage performance in the coming days. If he really does that, the fan girls are going to scream their throats out and might faint ;p. Prepare an ambulance outside the building please.

April is going to be a sensational month since the King and Queen of KPOP are returning with their latest songs. Everyone is excited to wait for their banging performance. Some even compared them. Well for me, they have their own charm and specialties. Love them both, Rain and Lee Hyori! For those who want to see Hyori's latest song entitled "Swing", I attached here too . She definitely brings something different and unique. Ok see you again!

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